Holistic Holiday Gifting

Holistic Holiday Gifting

In a season filled with shopping frenzy, we think it's refreshing to focus on gifts that not only bring joy to the recipient but also contribute to a healthier planet and a more conscious way of living. This year, consider a thoughtful approach to your holiday shopping by exploring gifts that align with a holistic and sustainable ethos. From craft cocktails that tantalize the taste buds to thoughtfully produced leather bags and innovative kitchen tools, this gifting guide has something for everyone on your list.

For the Craft Cocktail Lover: Origen Holistic Spirits or Harmony Gin

While we think both of our unique spirits make a great gift for any drinker, the craft cocktail lover is sure to be a fan of the beautifully-balanced, creativity-inspiring flavor profiles of either of these rose gold beauties. Gift the gift of drinking better this holiday season!

Origen Holistic Spirits speciality vodka + Harmony Gin

For the World Traveler: Callie Sling Bag by Latico Leathers

Gorgeous, handmade, heirloom leather bags with multitudes of well thought out pockets is what Latico is all about. We love that their leather is a salvage product that would have otherwise been dumped! 

Latico Leathers Callie Sling Bag

For the Chef: OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

Countertop + fridge-friendly this compost bin was designed with the home cook in mind. The flip-up lid can be opened and closed with one hand, and it does a great job of keeping odors contained. 

XOXO Countertop/Fridge Compost Bin

For Teacher Gifts: Full Windsor, Magware - Magnetic Flatware Single Set

Created by an industrial designer this indie California-based brand is where design, sustainability, and innovation meet for aesthetically pleasing, uber-handy magnetic cutlery + cooking tools. The whole site is 30% off for Black Friday too!

Magnetic Cutlery makes a great holiday gift!

For the Person Who Has It All: Donate to One Tree Planted in Their Name

Help the ones you love help the environment by planting trees! We'll always plant one when you shop our spirits so grab them some Origen or Harmony for them too.

Plant a tree with One Tree Planted!

This Black Friday, let your choices reflect a commitment to a more conscious lifestyle - one where the joy of giving is seamlessly woven into the fabric of environmental responsibility. May your choices be not just presents but expressions of care for the Earth and those you cherish. Let's redefine the art of gifting AND drinking!

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